Your Issue: Mistracking

Belt mistracking causes the structure damage or material spillage. In addition, the carryback falls on the return side of the belt to result in unusual belt and pulley wear.

Solution: Self-training idler

Issue: Mistracking



Result: Belt-edge damage / conveyor structure damage


The operator can't ignore belt mistracking , which can cause serious problems for your belt conveyor system, such as material spillage leaks, component failure, increased downtime, and costly. Mistracking can happen for many reasons, which are as follows:

  • Material accumulation under the belt
  • Belt, rollers or pulleys contain material buildup
  • Uneven placement of load on the belt
  • Improper belt splicing
  • Return idler spacing is too wide to track the belt
  • Strong winds may cause the belt to move off center and heavy rainfall may cause belt slippage between the pulley and the belt
  • Improper tension on the belt
  • Self-training idlers installed incorrectly


Solution: Self-training idler


The self-training idler is the easy and lower-cost way to adjust the transverse displacement. Moreover, Jimway provides several types of self-training idlers including for heavy-duty, limited are, or reversible belt usage, etc. 

 Jimway's self-training idlers: 

 Cost less 

 Productivity more 

 Energy consumption less 

Jimway's self-training idlers are a lower-cost belt-training solution installed for both the carrying and return side of the conveyor belt. When belt mistracking, it contacts the side guide rollers causing the self-aligner to pivot. In addition, the most effective way of tracking the belt is 3D tracker return roller, which directly contact the belt and guide the belt back to the central position. All of our self-training idlers provide the following benefits:

Safer Working Environment

Safer working environment prevents operators fall down through material spillage via mistracking. Plus, the self-training idler tracks the belt aim to minimize or prevent airborne dust into the body.

Longer Lasting Conveyor Belt Components

Keeping the belt stay on track to prevent its edge cut into the frame of the conveyor in that we guarantee to extend rollers and the belt life.

Increased Productivity (Less Material Loss)

Maintaining the belt in a centered position on the idler that can minimize material loss.

Lower Energy Costs

When keeping the belt in line, material buildup could be prevented and the belt operates smoothly.

Jimway's self-training idlers include

Self-training carrying idler

Reversible self-training carrying idler

Self-training carrying idler with electricity for heavy duty usage

Self-training return idler

Reversible self-training return idler

3D tracker return roller