Your Issue: Spillage / Dust

Common problems in the transfer point are idler replacement difficultly, material spillage, dust leakage and broken chute that causes environmental pollution, conveyor structure damage and high maintenance fees.

Solution: Skirtboard sealing system, impact bed

Issue: Spillage / dust pollution (premature failure of skit rubber / belt damage)



Result: Clean-up cost ⬆︎ material loss ⬆︎ downtime ⬆︎


Material spillage is a common problems in the transfer point that causes environmental pollution and high maintenance fees; however, conventional skirt rubber causes spillage, premature failure of the skirt rubber, and belt damage.

Solution: Skirtboard sealing system / impact bed

Just installed ---> a few months later


With patented dual-sealing design for skirting, the 1st layer keeps the 3~5mm distance from the belt preventing material spillage and the 2nd layer keeps proper contact pressure with the belt preventing dust leakage, so no more worrying about belt damage. Skirtboard sealing system provides service lifetime expansion and a simple, effective, and affordable solution; meanwhile, it prevents the escape of fines and dust.

Before ---> After

Absorbing the force of falling material to prevent damage to the belt and structure, impact beds eliminate the cost of idler maintenance and failure. In addition, It protect the conveyor belt at key transfer point areas that no more bent idler shafts and frames, or worn out rollers to replace.

Before (dust leakage) ---> After (installing skirtboard sealing system and impact bed)


We proved effective, dramatically reducing dust, spillage and carryback at a coal-fired power plant.