Your Issue: Belt Slippage

The belt moves forward without taking the belt caused by slip of the belt, which may premature belt failure or fire risk.

Solution: Ceramic pulley lagging, replaceable ceramic pulley lagging

Issue: Belt slippage

Without pulley laggings, a belt conveyor system can cause significant damage to both the drive pulley and the belt via slippage. In addition, material buildup on the pulley to cause belt mistracking, which causes severe wear problem on snub / bend pulleys and serious problems for your belt conveyor system, such as material spillage leaks, component failure, increased downtime, and costly.

Solution: Ceramic pulley lagging / replaceable ceramic pulley lagging


Ceramic pulley lagging provides the reliable solution when conventional rubber lagging fails to correct belt slippage, wears prematurely, and/or is not good enough in the friction value in wet or muddy conditions. 

 Jimway's ceramic pulley lagging: 

 Spillage less 

 Productivity more 

 Cost less 

Jimway's ceramic pulley lagging is widely used on the drive, snub, bend, and tail pulleys, which feature the highest coefficient of friction and have  the following benefits:

Safer Working Environment

The main purposes of using ceramic pulley lagging on pulleys is to increase the friction coefficient between the pulley and the belt; otherwise, operators may fall down through material spillage via mistracking caused by belt slippage. In addition, the prevention of material spillage aims to minimize or prevent airborne dust into the body.

Increased Productivity (Less Material Loss)

The ceramic pulley lagging sheds water from belt to improve track, thereby minimizing material loss.

Longer Lasting Conveyor Belt Components

Increasing the friction coefficient between the pulley and the belt to prevent belt slippage and deliver an extended service life of belt, bearing, and other components.

Lower Energy Costs

The belt operates smoothly when keeping the belt in line and the even contact pressure at the pulley.

Comparison sheet: rubber/ceramic pulley lagging

Rubber Pulley Lagging Ceramic Pulley Lagging

Rubber pulley lagging protects the belt and the residue is on the inside of the belt without damaging the pulley; however, belt mistracking may happen.

Ceramic tiles are inserted into rubber pulley lagging to increase the friction and the wear resistance for the pulley's service life extension.

The Service Life Shorter 3X~5X service life
The Friction Normal >2X
Belt Mistracking Easily happen Rarely happen

The coefficient of friction

Humidity of Material The Coefficient of Friction between the Lagging and the Belt
Bare Steel Groove Rubber Ceramic
Dry 0.30 0.40~0.50 0.70~0.80
Wet 0.10~0.20 0.20~0.25 0.40~0.80
Mud 0.10 0.18~0.20 0.40~0.50


Jimway's ceramic pulley lagging include

Ceramic pulley lagging (round/square raised tile, flat tile)

Weld-on replaceable lagging (round raised tilediamond raised tile)